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Dancing in front of the Courthouse Dancing in front of the Courthouse Bettie caught the ball in the cup! Playing the Royal Game of Goose Dancing for the visitors at Historic Port Royal Dancing for the visitors at Historic Port Royal Michael and Catherine play bowls

 A Look Back at Two-Thousand-Fifteen.

We welcomed new members! Showed parents and children how to play lawn bowls and graces, helped youngsters walk on stilts, and introduced old games to lots of folks. Donated funds to replace a window at Chatham Manor. Practiced English country dances and performed at Salubria, in the great hall at Stratford Hall and for the runners of the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon. Served tea. Sang Christmas carols. Drew shift patterns. Gathered fresh greens and crafted over a hundred holiday wreaths for our annual fundraiser. Taught the Morning Gazette to elementary school children. Prepared and roasted a chicken in front of an open hearth stuffed with pennyloaf, suet, veal and spices. Led tours of historic Fredericksburg cemeteries. Sewed. And we had a lot of fun!


2016 Officers.

Sharon Brunacci will serve another term as our President, Jessie Kanurin will serve a second term as our Treasurer and Elizabeth Wimmer will serve a second term as our Secretary. Kitty Taylor will serve as Vice President. We thank Catherine Bell for her service and leadership.


Where Have Some of Our Members Been Recently?

When the French tall ship Hermione, a replica of the frigate that brought General Marquis de Lafayette from France to America in 1780, made a stop in Alexandria, Virginia, members Jane Pease and Dan McMahon were there to greet the ship and crew.




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