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Dancing in front of the Courthouse Dancing in front of the Courthouse Bettie caught the ball in the cup! Playing the Royal Game of Goose Dancing for the visitors at Historic Port Royal Dancing for the visitors at Historic Port Royal Michael and Catherine play bowls

16th Annual Independence Day Celebration at Historic Port Royal

The RCHS Dancers will be demonstrating a colonial dance and Society Members will host colonial games during this annual event. We hope to see you there on Saturday, July the fourth!

For more information or to see pictures from last year's event, click on

Exclusively for Society Members: How to Make the Perfect Shift

Shifts are an often overlooked part of a woman's wardrobe. We wear shifts constructed of simple shapes cut from linen or cotton and sewn with strings to adjust the fit. The result is an excess of fabric and an unworkable neckline. Shifts were, however, a highly customized piece of clothing.

Join us to view original shifts and sleeve links, learn about stylistic changes, appropriate fabric choices and period construction. On Sunday, July 12, you'll create or modify an existing pattern customized to fit YOU and the clothes you wear! And on Sunday, July 26, you'll cut out and sew your new shift. Sarah Cowan of The Silly Sisters will be leading this two-day workshop.

Fun at Colonial Day

What do you get when six dancers are joined by six fourth-graders, who are then joined by 12 of their classmates and finally up to 24 additional students? Two longwise sets of ladies and gentlemen enjoying a colonial dance! As part of their Colonial Day festivities, four classes of Grafton Village Elementary School students donned 18th century costumes, including gowns, aprons, caps, waistcoats and tricorn hats, and learned "The Morning Gazette."


Pictured (L to R): Naomi McPherson, Greg Brunacci, Bettie Brezee, Catherine Bell, Kitty Taylor, Sharon Brunacci and Josephine Buchanan.


The Calendar of Events page has been updated. There's lots to do and we would love to have you participate!

The July Business Meeting will be held at the Salem Church Branch Library in Fredericksburg. Please see the calendar for details.

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